Skin Solutions glabellar lines - Let's Talk About Those 'Angry' Lines Between Your Eyebrows

Skin Solutions glabellar lines - Let's Talk About Those 'Angry' Lines Between Your Eyebrows

Today, we’re discussing Skin Solutions glabellar lines (the lines between your eyebrows) and botox. It’s a common area to target, but many people are unsure about the right amount of botox required to keep them under wraps. However, a recent study carried out at the University of British Columbia should help change that.

Carrying out a 1-year repeat treatment followed by an 8-month open-label study, the researchers ultimately found that patients with mild Skin Solutions glabellar lines at rest achieved elimination of the resting lines following repeated botox treatment. Occasionally though, patients may be non-responders.

To me, this comes as no surprise. When someone usually does this procedure, we see it working over 99% of the time. However, everybody is different, and it may take more treatments for some than others to achieve the desired effect. According to this study, it can take up to three treatments to feel fully satisfied - so patience may be key if you want to achieve your final goal.

While this may be frustrating and more costly for some, it’s important to remember why you initially wanted to invest in this kind of cosmetic treatment. When it comes to confidence and happiness, we have seen the difference botox can make. Especially for patients with Skin Solutions glabellar lines, who often come in for the treatment to avoid looking upset or unapproachable all the time. The difference in their interactions with others, and how people react to them after, is significant. It might sound strange to think that botox could help make a real difference in one’s life - but for some, just not hearing ‘why are you so angry?’ anymore makes it all worth it.

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