Purchasing a moisturizer for your Valentine? Be careful believing labels!

Purchasing a moisturizer for your Valentine? Be careful believing labels!

Ask any dermatologist what their most frequent patient request is, and they’ll probably tell you it involves a moisturizer product recommendation - hands down. While this will change from patient to patient, a recent study was conducted to find out what exactly you can find in 174 of the best-selling moisturizers in the USA, our Nashville team was curious to see what they would find.

By looking at products from Amazon, Target and Walmart, they pointed out that contrary to what a lot of labels say, they may not live up to their claims. For example…

  • Only 12% of best-selling moisturizers were free of allergens

  • The most common allergens found were fragrance mix, paraben mix and tocopherol

  • Products with the claim “dermatologist recommended” or “phthalate free” had a higher median price per ounce than products without the claims

  • Lotions were less expensive than butters, creams and oils

  • Products claiming to be “fragrance free” (45%) actually had at least one fragrance reactor or botanical ingredient

This comes just as much as a shock to you as it does to our Nashville dermatologists! From these results, we can see that at least 83% of products claiming to be hypoallergenic actually contained at least one allergen. In addition, with lotions being cheaper than creams, you’re actually encourage to buy the product that is less effective! As I always mention to my Nashville patients, I know it’s easier to use products with a thin formulation; but remember - the thicker and greaser the cream is, the more moisturizing it will be. Likewise, the dryer your skin - the thicker the moisturizer needed!

This serves as a general cautionary note to be wary of product marketing and its claims - always look at the ingredients and ask your dermatologist if you’re unsure about using a product. We find it as frustrating as you and it is always hard to believe what we read, but if we’re cautious together, we hope to help you make the most informed choices as possible for your skin in Nashville!

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Source: JAMA Dermatology

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