Our Newest Celebrity-Level Treatment: Aquagold

Our Newest Celebrity-Level Treatment: Aquagold

With the holidays and colder weather approaching, we know our patients are probably thinking…

- How do people manage to maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout the festive season?

- Why have those fine lines popped up again??

- Ugh, I wish my complexion looked a little clearer right now…

- Why. Is. My. Skin. SO. Dry?

And lucky for you, we have the answer.

We’re delighted to announce that Skin Solutions Dermatology is the first practice to bring one of skincare’s latest innovations to the Nashville area: The Aquagold treatment! Listed as one of the “18 Genius Tips for Glowing Skin” by Glamour magazine, Aquagold will help to give you:

- Dewy and hydrated skin

- An “airbrushed” look

- Smoothed-out lines 

- Stimulated collagen production

But we know you’re wondering...

What makes it that special?

Firstly - it’s totally non-invasive, and uses gold-plated needles (finer than a human hair!), to deliver a blend of filler, botox and PRP to the skin. As in - three of our most coveted treatments, all in one!

Plus, it’s perfect for the constant traveller, or bound-to-be-stressed out mama during the holiday season. Need proof? When a journalist from Marie Claire was looking to bring her skin back to life before covering the Royal Wedding in England, she tried Aquagold herself. The results? “Magic!” See below...

We’re giving you access to the latest secret to amazing skin that models and celebrities have kept to themselves, to maintain that flawlessly airbrushed look.

It’s no longer just for the millionaires - we’re bringing it straight to you in Nashville!

Take it from our team of dermatology specialists - is truly no comparison to this revolutionary method of skin treatment.

Okay, I want in!

STAY TUNED - Our Brentwood and Franklin locations will be offering this exclusive, innovative treatment starting in December. Want to be the first to know about it? Sign up for our newsletter!

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Dr Pena

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Dr. Pena is a Board-Certified Medical Dermatologist, Mohs skin cancer surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist. Her mission is to educate the diverse patient populations she serves, and their communities, on the importance of skin care in decreasing the risk of skin cancer and minimizing the early signs of aging. She founded Skin Solutions Dermatology with numerous clinics in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding Middle Tennessee.

Dr. Julia Pena, MD