Adding 1 Minute To Your Skincare Routine Can Make All the Difference

Adding 1 Minute To Your Skincare Routine Can Make All the Difference

Summer is here and you can smell the scent of sunscreen on everyone’s skin. It’s a huge priority for me to ensure my Nashville dermatology patients know the benefits of applying sunscreen - as you well know - but today, there’s another component of it that can help take your skincare up a notch.

Based on research published in Photodermatology, the authors studied 31 healthy volunteers and precisely how they use sunscreen - specifically, if the time they spent applying sunscreen related to the total amount of sunscreen used.

Their results showed that men and women both applied a constant amount of sunscreen per minute during their first and second applications, but 15% less was applied on the second application. Sound like you, too?

The science it boils down to is simple: the more time you spend applying sunscreen, the better protected you’ll be from the sun! This study showed that overall, spending 4 minutes applying sunscreen is better than 3 minutes. My dermatology practice always, always tells our Nashville patients to apply a zinc-based sunscreen cream prior to leaving their home - really take your time and be sure to cover all exposed skin with the cream.

Think of it as your armour for the entire day: your first application of sunscreen is truly the most important step before you leave the house. After that, you can leave the cream at home; but have a zinc-based sunscreen spray on hand if you’ll be outside for longer than 3-4 hours to reapply.

So, next time you’re ready to take on the day in the Nashville sun: time yourself, and take at least 4 minutes to ensure you apply the cream thoroughly to all areas accessible, especially while wearing a bathing suit. Trust me - you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel, and will probably realize that usually the process is more rushed than it should be!

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Source: Photodermatology

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