How Do I Check Myself For Melanoma?

How Do I Check Myself For Melanoma?

Now that we’re almost halfway through Melanoma Month, we’re hoping that you’re gaining a better understanding of why it’s important to be aware of melanoma, and what you can do everyday to prevent it from happening to you.

We know you’re probably asking yourself this now - okay, I’ve got my sunscreen, but how would I be able to tell if I have a melanoma? And how do I find it early enough to prevent it from growing deeper into my skin?

Great question.

Doctors and dermatologists (including us) have historically used the ABCDE method for self-examination, but new research has proven that an alternate method known as the Ugly Duckling concept is far easier to understand, and leads to higher accuracy in detection. So let’s get right to it!

The Ugly Duckling Method

Here’s a secret: we all have moles and dots all over our body - but for each individual, they mostly look the same. That means that your moles and dots probably all look very similar to you, but moles and dots on somebody else would look completely different to you.

And here’s where the Ugly Duckling comes in: in order for you to spot a melanoma, it’s simple - if there’s a mole or dot that looks different from the rest of the moles and dots on your body, it might be cause for concern. Like the original story of the Ugly Duckling - the one that stands out from the crowd is the one that gets noticed.

It’s honestly that simple! This YouTube video explains it well, if you want some more information. Got questions? Leave us a comment below, or book an appointment to chat with one of our talented Nashville dermatologists!

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Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

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