Skin Solutions Infection - Do Sterile Gloves Affect Post-Operative Rates of Infection?

Skin Solutions Infection - Do Sterile Gloves Affect Post-Operative Rates of Infection?

Skin Solutions Infection

Skin Solutions Infection - The way we carry out surgeries is incredibly important. Recently, there has been greater discussion around the type of materials we use to handle surgeries; more specifically, whether our gloves should be sterile or not.

In a recent study carried out and published in JAMA Dermatology, researchers aimed to see whether there was a noticeable change in the rate of infection when sterile or nonsterile gloves were used. Their results found that there were no major differences in the rates of postoperative surgical site infection in outpatient cutaneous surgical procedures performed with sterile gloves versus nonsterile gloves.

In our own practice, we always use sterile gloves unless it is a quick procedure that takes less than four minutes. We do a lot of big surgeries in our office where we take off skin cancers, and we always use sterile gloves in those situations. However, I know that other physicians use non sterile gloves in their longer procedures, and they do not have high infection rates.

The key thing to reduce the risk of infection lies with patients themselves: we do not want patients touching their bandages for five to seven days - if they do, that’s where infection could start happening. This is also a good opportunity to remind our patients that contrary to what most are used to, studies have shown that people have skin surgeries do not need to be on antibiotics - even if they have metal hips or knees.

If you are concerned about how your surgeries are performed, I would urge you to be open with your physician so that you can be better informed on how and why we make decisions.

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