How To Recover From Holiday Feasts

How To Recover From Holiday Feasts

Christmas has come and gone in Nashville, but for many of us, something still lingers: that darn holiday bloat. No matter how much self-control you may have, it’s all too easy to overeat during the festive season in Nashville and it can leave you feeling achy, tired and bloated. To help you recover, here’s three things you can do to help restore some balance in your digestive system after the holidays.

1. Hydrate with calming tea and water

You might want to take a break from eating, but don’t forget to continue hydrating yourself. Sipping on some chamomile tea will help relax your nerves and digestive tract, and peppermint tea is proven to help soothe upset stomachs. Don’t try to gulp down huge quantities of water all at once (you’ll dilute your gastric juices by doing so), but keep drinking small amounts regularly throughout the day.

2. Avoid acid reducing medication

Many people tend to reach for an antacid when it feels like their food isn’t moving through their system, but that’s often the worst thing you can do! By reducing your natural stomach acid, it makes it more difficult to replenish its supply. Stay away from artificial remedies in Nashville and give your body the time it needs to get those juices flowing again.

3. Make time for gentle exercise

Hitting the gym with a hard workout doesn’t sound great right now, but you don’t have to succumb to being entirely sedentary either. In fact, research shows that slow, low-level moving like walking actually aids gastric emptying, and will help move along all that residual food parked in your stomach. Take a gentle walk in a park in Nashville, and you’ll start feeling better already.

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