Camouflaging Options for Vitiligo Patients

Camouflaging Options for Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo is a psychologically debilitating condition that can really take a toll on patients - I’ve seen many of mine struggle quite a lot with it. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to treat and when repigmentation is not an option, camouflaging depigmented patches becomes necessary to successfully manage patients.

So which ones work, and which ones don’t?

Most dermatologists would recommend medical camouflage (Dermablend, CoverBlend, Cover FX, Microskin). These are opaque products that can be blended to match a wide variety of skin tones, and simulate a normal complexion. The perks? They are more adherent, water resistant and have longer wear. However, the downside is that they are a more costly option compared to traditional makeup.

That being said, options for traditional makeup are tattooing and self-tanner. While they are more affordable, they can be more difficult to match normal skin tones and would require heavy application to achieve proper coverage which could then produce an unnatural appearance. But if you are low on funds, these are definitely viable options; even if they are not the best.

It’s important for you to review all these techniques with your physician before attempting them, as they may be complemented by other treatment modalities. Be sure to get a consultation for color matching, and take a lesson on proper application. Finally, bear in mind that sunscreen may prevent highlighting the discoloration of vitiligo - so never leave the house without it on your skin!


Camouflaging Agents for Vitiligo Patients

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