5 Ways to Save Money on Your Drug Prescription Costs

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Drug Prescription Costs

Reduce Your Prescription Costs in Nashville

It’s that time of the year - you have presents upon presents to buy and your expenses are going up. With Christmas right around the corner, here’s a gift from a Nashville dermatologist that you’ll be able to use throughout 2017: top tips and secrets on how to decrease your prescription drug costs! Now that prescription costs are so high and out of control, it’s important to know how you might be able to save money here and there.

Here’s what the American Academy of Dermatology has to share:

1. Research your insurance plan

Take the time to research your plan before you sign up for it. Your plan will have a link to its formulary, which is a list of the drugs covered by the plan. If you are not able to find the formulary, contact the plan and have them locate and/or send the formulary to you. Look up the medications you are currently taking and see:

- Is it on the formulary? If so, which tier is the drug on?

- Does it require step therapy or a prior authorization?

All these factors play a part in how much your out of pocket cost will be for the drug. It would also help us in the Nashville office if you could bring a published list of covered dermatology medications.

2. Assistance programs for brand medications

Drug manufacturers have assistance programs for providers and patients. For instance, RxAssist helps you learn about resources you could use to reduce your prescription costs. Often times, there may be income or other requirements that are necessary to meet when applying.

Tip: It’s also worth contacting the pharmaceutical manufacturers directly to find out if they have any assistance programs for specific medications.

3. Drug pricing websites

Can’t find the deals you need in Nashville? Look online: many websites available can help you find which pharmacy or online pharmacy that has the best price for a specific drug, and if there are any available, coupons for the prescription costs.

These include:

http://www.mydrugcosts.com : Provides tailored recommendations based on your company’s healthcare plans.

http://www.goodrx.com: Drug price search that compares prices for prescriptions at pharmacies near you. This site shows you prices, coupons, discounts and savings tips.

https://www.blinkhealth.com: Search for the lowest drug prices.

Please note that you are not using your insurance when you use these coupons, therefore the out of pocket costs do not count towards your deductible.

4. It pays to shop around

Your prescription costs could vary based on which pharmacy in Nashville fills your prescription. It’s usually best to check different pharmacies’ prices before filling a drug prescribed by your Nashville dermatologist. According to a January 2016 Consumer Reports article, drugs can cost as much as 10 times more at one retailer compared to another! Also, it found that often times a consumer can get a lower price for a drug if they just ask the pharmacist if they can get a better deal.

5. Talk to your pharmacist

Our dermatology staff will usually start with generics and prescribe the size that should last you until your next visit.  In Nashville, what we found is that the size of the medication can affect the cost dramatically.  If your medication is too costly, ask the pharmacist if a different size would be less expensive.

You can find the full tip sheet with more tricks here! Interested in talking to a dermatologist about how you can reduce the costs for medication you need for your skin condition? Please book an appointment today at one of our Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, Smyrna and Pulaski practices to discuss options with a Nashville dermatologist who can help address your concerns.

P.S. Call us to book a dermatology appointment at our new Hendersonville office, opening in February 2017!

Source: American Academy of Dermatology

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