3 More Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

3 More Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

Last week, we talked about three ways to practice mindful eating. As a Nashville dermatologist, what to eat is a topic that is constantly on the minds of my Nashville patients and I believe knowing how to eat can make all the difference to your body as well. In this blog, I’ll clue you into three more great ways to practice mindful eating - and you should be all set to achieve eating zen!

4. Balance comfort vs. nutrition.

We navigate a tricky balance between eating foods that are emotionally comforting for us - like  a bag of cookies - or foods that are nutritionally healthy and comforting. Ideally, you want to be able to get to a place where you find nourishing foods to be satisfying as well as comforting, too. If you slow down and consciously eat nutritious foods, you will enjoy them more. And as you practice eating healthier and a greater variety of foods, you will then be less inclined to binge on comfort foods, and more inclined to enjoy healthy foods.

Try: Savoring nutritious food mindfully. Notice: do you feel more mentally and physically satisfied afterwards?

5. Consider where your food comes from.

Think about it: unless you are a hunter-gatherer or farmer (both unlikely) - we have really become very disconnected from our food in recent years. We pop into a supermarket in Nashville and come out with products that have travelled all over the world! Before you know it, you’re eating avocados from Mexico and oranges from Egypt with your breakfast - and that in itself is a wondrous thing.

Try: Pausing to consider all the people involved in the meal that is now on your plate, from those who planted your vegetables to your loved ones cooking the meal. Reflect on traditions that brought you this food, recipes handed down and be mindful of all the elements that helped created your meal.

6. Focus on your plate - and nothing else.

One thing we have become very good at is the art of distracted eating: dinner in front of the TV, lunch while looking at our phones, popcorn at the movies in Nashville… The list goes on. But: multitasking and eating is a recipe for not being able to listen deeply to what our body needs and wants. When we are distracted, it becomes harder to listen to our body’s signals about food and other needs!

Try: Single-tasking and just eating, with no screens or distractions - just you, and any company you may have. Share your meal in conversation.

And there you have it! Nashville is truly a busy place, so taking time to pause and reflect during our meals is a great opportunity to help bring some informal mindfulness into your day and of course - your body. By doing one thing at a time, we can become better at listening to our body, creating our own small rituals and appreciating everything that went into our meal.


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