We Did Not Expect This Eczema Connection

We Did Not Expect This Eczema Connection

If there’s one topic that is gaining momentum in the dermatology world, it’s this: the relationship between eczema and other conditions or allergies. While we have written about the connections between eczema and food before, I am so pleased to see more and more new research coming out that continues to bring these relationships to light.

Today, I’m focusing on one that I didn’t see coming: while there has been emerging evidence to show that eczema and allergies are linked, new research from JAMA Pediatrics tells us that asthma may have a role to play as well in children. But let’s back up a second so you’re able to fully understand how it works with this age group: there are different phenotypes (physical characteristics) of eczema in children, and the two early-onset phenotypes are associated with asthma and food allergy.

In this study that examined 1038 children, it was found that children with both parents with a history of allergies were five times more likely to develop eczema with an early-persistent phenotype. Moreover, children with this phenotype are then at significantly higher risk for developing asthma.

Over the years, parents of children with eczema have always asked if allergies could be a potential concern. Unfortunately, dermatologists and allergists never thought that the two conditions were related, until the last few years. Now that research has proven the linkages, I can see that parents have known all along that their children’s eczema must somehow have been related to allergies - and now, asthma. With more and more studies being carried out on this topic, dermatologists like myself are able to better inform parents that their children with eczema are more at risk for asthma and food allergies, and should consider seeing an allergist while their children are toddlers.

For me, this is incredibly important for my work. While I already recommend that my eczema patients see an allergist, I now see the value in also inquiring about preventative techniques to help combat both the possibilities of allergies and asthma.

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Source: JAMA Pediatrics

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