Moisturizing Frequently Calms Eczema, Study Shows

Moisturizing Frequently Calms Eczema, Study Shows

If your child has eczema, you may have been told that moisturizing frequently will help prevent the condition from progressing further, and prevent flares. But is it true?

As a Nashville dermatologist, I’ve seen the results with my own eyes and have always known that it is the best advice to give my eczema patients. However, until now, there hadn’t been a lot of research for me to back up that advice with hard, scientific proof. Thankfully, a new study published in Pediatric Dermatology is on my side!

The study acknowledged that while moisturizers are part of the standard treatment for eczema, there was indeed limited evidence that using them regularly as management therapy would actually reduce the amount of steroid medication needed and the frequency of eczema flares. By carrying out a study to evaluate the benefits of moisturizers in 355 children aged 2 to 6 years old with mild to moderate eczema, they hoped to change this perception.

Patients with current eczema flares were treated with a strong, topical steroid medication. After the flares calmed down, some were either instructed to use a moisturizer, while others were not. And the proof was clear: after 12 weeks, the percentage of patients with one or more flares was significantly lower after using moisturizers compared to those who did not. In addition, they needed less steroid medication as well.

The study concluded that using moisturizers regularly for children with mild to moderate eczema does reduce flares and the usage of steroid medication. In my clinic, a particular favorite moisturizer that our eczema patients in Nashville love is Theraplex Eczema Therapy - easy to put on throughout the day, this soothing oatmeal ointment has really helped them reduce their eczema flares! Cerave Healing Ointment is also another fantastic option to try - apply this ointment after a shower for the best results.

I take pride in helping families in Nashville by teaching them how to take good care of their skin - if we see our Nashville patients less and less, that’s a great sign for us! It means they are heeding our advice and, best of all, it’s actually working for them. With infants in particular, I deeply understand how disruptive painful eczema flares can be to the entire family dynamic, let alone the detrimental effect it is having on the child.

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Source: Pediatric Dermatology


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