The Solution to Your Earring Dermatitis

The Solution to Your Earring Dermatitis

Are your ears becoming inflamed near to the area that’s pierced? It’s becoming an increasing problem for older women, but not to worry – there’s a solution.

First of all, having earring dermatitis boils down to a couple different reasons. A common cause is an allergic reaction, which can cause problems and drainage issues, often exacerbated by thinning earlobes. This happens because your earrings have to be held really tight by the earring back to stay straight, and that kind of squeezing can cause a lot of skin problems.

The solution? Ask your dermatologist to put a small amount of hyaluronic acid filler into the earlobe. The filler will last you just about six months, after which you need to get it replaced. It only takes a quarter of the syringe to fill both your earlobes, so there’s actually plenty of filler left over if you want to rejuvenate another facial area after you’re done!

After having your earlobes plumped with hyaluronic acid filler, if you still have a rash, ask your dermatologist to rule out nickel dermatitis as the cause. In addition, I highly recommend that you use high quality gold earrings to avoid any issues in the future. Hopefully this will help alleviate any discomfort you might be feeling and give you a reason to splurge on new earrings!

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